What makes you happy!

One of our favourite cruise companies, Royal Caribbean, reckon that after the horrible year that was 2016… think politics, famous deaths and Tobleronegate, that they would do some research into what makes us happy.

So they carried out a poll of 2,000 adults across Ireland & UK where respondents were asked to list what they got most excited by.

Although I’m not in agreement with some of the more gloating responses that make people happy.. like saying ‘I told you so’…. I’m definitely loving that holidays come out on top. 

What are your favourites?

After holidays, we love;

5. Having time to yourself 

7. A random act of kindness 

13. Buying fresh flowers, or even better growing your own and cutting them!

18. Swimming in the sea, or even just paddling along the waters edge

As planning, researching and booking a holiday came out so high on the list, Royal Caribbean are of course more than happy to help out with that!! Well it is their poll 🙂

Some of the happy things you can do with the company definitely bring happiness, whether its zip-lining or surfing onboard, to exploring the Norwegian Fjords and kayaking in Croatia. For us the memories of that cruise in the fjords definitely brings many happy happy feelings. 

Ah…. I think we need to book another cruise! 

Have a look on their website for some inspiration, including new European ships, itineraries and ports. And of course some great offers.


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