Q&A with rising NI YouTuber Bryan Greig

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I am Bryan Greig a 22 year old adventurer from Newtownards, Northern Ireland. I have 2 degrees in business from 2 different countries (Northern Ireland and USA) and all I want out of life is to have fun!

What started your journey as a YouTuber?

Aha, well that question takes us back to 2010, when my 3 closest friends and I decided to invest in an £80 handheld camera. We wanted to make simple montages of our summer’s, little did we know it would bond us together as friends for life and spark in each of us a thirst for adventure. In fact Sam, the guy who mostly operated the camera, has ended up becoming a professional cameraman working on the likes of Game of Thrones, Dracula and even owns his own production company. Anyways, as the years went by I became more and more interested in producing videos for YouTube and have developed a pretty distinctive style. It is interesting to look back and see how terrible some of my older videos are!

What other social media do you use?

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_tIKTtja1R3f1dnA-cetg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bryan.greig
Instagram: @AdventuresOfBryan
And my blog: http://adventuresofbryan.com

Where’s your favourite place in Northern Ireland?

Now that is an easy one to answer!

There is a hidden spot up in the Mourne Mountains that not a lot of people know about. My dad happens to be a hiker so he showed me it when I was around 11 years old. It is called the Devil’s Coach Road is hidden just around from Donard.

It is probably one of the more dangerous climbs in the Mournes as you have to scramble up completely unstable rocks that can and will fall away underneath your foot and scale an almost vertical section at the end… But it is worth it!

What’s your top adventure so far?

Another easy question!

I am lucky enough to have been an international student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania (USA). Being an international student has many wonderful advantages, however it also means leaving your family behind for extended periods of time.

Therefore I planned to travel home and surprise my family in Northern Ireland just in time for Christmas.

I got the whole thing on camera and over 400,000 people have seen it in over 100 different countries.

This is the video story of how I traveled home to surprise my family for Christmas and my sister for her birthday. I am rather proud of this one. To use this video in …

Quick description of what happens in the video:

It was my sister’s birthday on the 10th of December. I had specifically told her and my whole family that I had exams and would not be home. They had no idea that I was actually on my way to see them!

4 months previously, the day before I left for the States, I placed a treasure hunt for my sister starting in our family home which eventually leads her through some of our favourite childhood spots. The clues were made up of rhyming riddles which she had to decipher which eventually lead to customized YouTube videos, Google Documents and my friend’s house, where I would be hidden in a box to jump out at her.

However, it is never that simple. I ran in to delays on the way home and had to be re-directed on to different flights. This resulted in 30 hours of travel through 4 countries and 5 cities just to get home.

Since no one knew I was coming home I had to go through this whole ordeal by myself. Well, sorry. My best friend Sam knew the plan. He was my accomplice and picked me up when I got home and gave me a place to stay for the night.

The next morning I sneaked in to my own back garden. I had pre-arranged with my mum that I was taking a revision break and would like to skype her. Skype had been our only source of communication over the last four months so I figured it would be pretty poignant to surprise her through it.

I stood right up against the wall so she could only see a white background and slowly walked forward as I spoke to her. This revealed the fact I was in her garden!

Next is surprising my sister. The treasure hunt eventually led to myself hidden in a box. I had arranged for everyone back in America to record a video wishing her a happy birthday, with the last person stating that “There is one more special happy birthday coming to you right now…” That is when I jump out.

You must have thousands of images, what are your top 3 favourites?

Now, that is a difficult question! In no particular order…

-Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo, Italy
-Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain
-Horse Shoe Bend, AZ (Shot By @TinyPaperFox)

Horse Shoe Bend, AZ (Shot By @TinyPaperFox)

You use a gopro. Which model and have you any top tips on taking a great gopro image?

I started with a basic GoPro Hero 2 back in 2012, but have since upgraded to a GoPro Hero 3+ Black. With the higher end GoPro’s the learning curve is a little steep, however well worth the wait. My best tip for using one is to simply pick it up and use it.

Some very simple rules to live by:
-Hold your GoPro against your chin for a stable shot (Just make sure to keep your fingers away from the lens).
-If you are looking at it, the camera can see it.
-Don’t use the chest mount – it shakes beyond control!
-Don’t use the head mount, hold an uncased GoPro in your mouth for a super smooth shot!

After you have learned how to compose basic GoPro shots I would highly advise using the camera’s RAW/ProTune settings in order to have full colour grade customization. You are now well on your way to getting killer shots!

What’s happening for you in 2017?

I follow one simple life rule that every year needs to be better than the last, so 2017 has some pretty big boots to fill! As it stands right now I am in the process of starting my own company, directing a travel documentary, starting a blog and running a YouTube Channel – so things are looking pretty crazy (Which is exactly what I want!)

Bryan Greig

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