12 interesting facts you need to know about HMS Caroline

HMS Caroline opening to the public brings a new addition to the already tourist focussed Titanic Quarter in Belfast. And what a great addition it is to the growing City tourist trail.

We recently visited her to learn more about the fascinating history and learnt some really fascinating facts:

  • HMS Caroline is one of the only few surviving ships from the First World War and the only survivor from the Battle of Jutland.
  • When she was first commissioned, HMS Caroline carried a crew of 289 men.
  • She is a 122m long ship built in 1914.
  • HMS Caroline had eight captains as a seagoing warship.
  • The ‘Snowball Laundry Company’ was a way of earning extra money if sailors were prepared to wash messmates’ clothes.
  • Her turbines (Parson Turbines) are amongst the earliest surviving in the world today. They could generate 40,000 shaft horsepower.  In 2015, a Formula 1 racing car could generate 600 horsepower.
  • HMS Caroline is approximately the weight of 300 double decker buses.
  • HMS Caroline was the home of the naval reserves in Belfast from 1924 to 2009.
  • On 13 April 2011, the National Museum of the Royal Navy assumed the day-to-day responsibility of the ship.
  • Although there were Wrens attached to Caroline during WW2, it wasn’t until in 1952 that a new women’s unit of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve was formed on HMS Caroline.
  • HMS Caroline opened to the public as a floating visitor attraction on the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, 31st May 2016.
  • During restoration, and after stripping off layer upon layer of paint, the original colour was discovered and the ship has been painted to match the Jutland Grey it was first painted with.

Once on board HMS Caroline, there's much more to do and learn. You can watch an impressive film showing the drama and devastation of the Battle of Jutland. Visit the captain's quarters, ships office and sick bay. You can try some interactive activities including launching a torpedo.

Our favourite bit? The roar of the engine rooms. Impressive!

Get kitted out with the interactive tour before you board and tour this historic treasure at your leisure. It's so hi-tech, you point and click your remote to choose what or when you want to learn.

It's hi-tech, it's unique, it's historic, its impressive and hugely educational. Go visit!

And if you want to host a unique and original dinner event or hire the ship as a venue, just get in touch with the event team.


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