Guest blog: Trail Mix Recipes

Trail Mix Recipes

A blend of fruit, nuts and seeds high in fiber, protein and natural sugar, with the odd M&M thrown in for a hit of choclate, Trail mix is a nutritious and sustaining snack. And, it’s my favourite. I don’t travel anywhere without it. Making it up huge ziplock bags before hitting the road. As I am heading to the airport tonight, it seemed only natural to share with you my love of Trailmix.

Sitting on a blanket on the sand, was offered a packet, taking a handful of what I thought were nuts, I was overjoyed to discover something altogether more lovely. Salty peanuts, dried cranberries and chocolate drops, mixed with M&Ms. TrailMix! A lifelong loveaffair had begun.

In the USA its easy to buy Trailmix pre made in large packets, but here in Ireland, harder and more expensive. But that’s really okay, as this lightweight, portable and full of energy dense ingredients is as easy to make, as it is to munch.

One of the great things about Trailmix is you can create your own version with ease. It’s simply just a case of mixing and matching ingredients that tingle your tastebuds.

I like the combination of salt and sweetness, but I don’t want to eat nuts drenched in salts or sugar, so I add some salty pretzels to raw nuts to bring a hit of salt without roasted, fried, or baked nuts.

You can make a whole variety of blends – it really is just about finding what works for you, and mixing accordingly. Now what could be better, being told to do what works for you, I’ll have more of that, yes please!

In a large bowl I mixed a 500g bag of pecans, with one of cashews, pistachios and a mixed bag of hazel and brazil nuts, with a 300g bag of peanut M&Ms, and two large handfuls of salted pretzels. Then I decanted the mix into various zip lock bags. Dang, I was done, and it didn’t take longer than five minutes. When travelling to hot places, I recommend if using chocolate to keep your bag in a cooler. Otherwise don’t add chocolate, or it melts and your hand becomes gooey and messy.

Trail Mix recipes and things to mix

Create a combination of the following suggestions to suit your palate

Nuts – these are the commando of nutrition packed full of protein, unsaturated fats, , fibre, antioxidants, vitamin E, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Go raw or add salted, sweetened nuts.

Dried Fruit – such as cranberries, raisins, bananna chips, currants, cherries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, papaya

Chocolate – dark, white or milk chocolate drops, M&Ms, chocolate/yogurt covered raisins or berries, mini marshmallows or nuts. Dark chocolate will boost the antioxidiants the Trail Mix

Seeds – Basically the same nutritional benefits as nuts, adding an extra punch to your mix

Extras – Wasabi peas, pretzels, dried ginger, coffee beans, edamane beans, coconut flakes, bread sticks, bran flakes, shredded wheat cereal, puffed rice, granola and toasted oats

Trail Mix Recipe Combinations

Almonds, dried cherries, & dark chocolate chips

Brazil nuts, dried mango, dried pineapple cashew, coconut flakes, & banana chips

Raisins, peanuts & M&Ms

Dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chips and cashews

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, & sunflower seeds

Pecans, M&Ms, dried cranberries, chocolate-covered almonds, & cherries

Let me know your favourites. 

Happy Mixing.

By Nicky Cahill
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