A conversation with travel blogger Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward is one of the world’s top travel bloggers. He’s reaching the end of his journey to travel to every country in the world and during a short break back to home in Northern Ireland we managed to get a quick Q&A with him before he heads back on the road for another adventure.

What started your journey as a travel blogger?

I had been traveling and teaching english in Asia for almost 4 years, and the ‘work, save, travel, repeat’ wasn’t a solution for the long-term, so I heard about people making money blogging, being ‘full-time bloggers’, that sounded more like my kinda lifestyle, so I gave it a crack!

What’s your top travel adventure/experience so far?

I’ve been traveling full-time for a decade so I have quite a lot! Riding the longest train in the world, sleeping on top of their iron ore cargo as we traveresed the Sahara through Mauritania in West Africa for 18 hours was pretty epic! As was my Cape Town to Cairo overland, my Bangkok to Ireland overland, and many others!

You must have thousands of images from your travels, what are your top 3 favourites?

The one at the summit of mount kinabalu in Borneo, wadi rum in Jordan maybe, and perhaps riding a snowmobile over a glacier at sunset in Iceland

Where’s your favourite place in your home country, Northern Ireland?

I love Belfast as a city actually, with the Titanic quarter etc, but it has to be the Giant’s Causeway, our only Unesco World Heritage site, it’s beautiful. 

I’ve met your amazing mum just once and she left a lasting impression on me and I love seeing her go on adventures with you. What’s the best advice she’s ever given you?

haha, “pick up those bloody clothes, why does your room looks like a rubbish tip” Does that count?! Seriously though, she’s always supported my decisions even when they made me broke, so she always allowed me to be true to myself. 

Has your mum ever sent you a gift box of stuff from home that you miss? Everyone seems to get Tayto crisps!

She’s really the best mum in the world. She’s sent me care packages forever! When I had no money, it would be 20 quid on Paddy’s day for a few pints of Guinness, or a bag of xmas presents when I couldn’t afford a flight home to celebrate. She sent me home made malteaser buns a few times (if u dont know what they are, u should ,amazing!), which always moves me 🙂

What’s next for you? 

Yemen at the weekend I hope, leaving me with just 2 countries left in the world to visit – Saudi Arabia and Norway!

Find out more about Johnny and his travels, business, motivation and life here.


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