10 reasons Girona should be on your travel wish list 

Girona in Northern Spain, or Catalonia, is a gem of a city just inland from the stunning Costa Brava and it's steeped in history and culture.

Why should Girona be on the Northern Ireland travellers wish list?

  • First of all it's easy to get to with regular and short summer flights from Belfast International Airport with Jet2 & Jet2holidays direct into Girona airport.
  • If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you need to see another awesome outdoor filming location other than the places you already know of in Northern Ireland. Girona was used during season 6 for a number of scenes. 

  • The city is 2000 years old with a notably well preserved Roman and Medieval centre. The original 1st Century Roman walls are still visible today. 
  • The Roman walls were extended around 1000AD and are now the longest Carolingian 9th Century walls in Europe.
  • The Jewish Quarter is one of the best conserved in Europe with the Jewish Museum now one of the key city museums charting the history of the City's Jewish community.

  • The Arab baths from the 12th Century and their stunning vaulted entrance were modelled on ancient Roman baths.
  • The brightly painted houses on the River Onyar provide the most iconic view of the city and are a must see photo op.

  • Bridges crossing the river include the Peixateries Velles built by the Eiffel Company in 1827. 
  • The city is a big foodie destination. Learn about local cuisine and cooking at a cookery school. We recommend localmarket.cat

  • And most importantly it's a beautiful city and definitely one to add to the must see list, especially since it's so accessible from Belfast!

Jet2.com and Jet2Holidays fly directly to Girona from Belfast International Airport, with flights available twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is one of 25 destinations that can currently be booked from Belfast since the airline’s major Summer 2018 launch. For more information or to book, freephone 0800 408 5594, visit your local travel agent or click on www.jet2.com or www.jet2holidays.com.

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